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Our design philosophy is based on tradition, whether we are designing a single family residence or a new neighborhood.  We believe in looking to the past for inspiration and solutions.  Our architecture is based on the classical language and the region where we are designing.  We believe the classical language is a living language that provides endless opportunities for our designers to be creative.  All architecture should not necessarily be designed in the highest embellishment of the classical language, but all architecture can incorporate the ideas of classicism.  One tool we use as a guide for our designs is a concept called the vernacular to classical spectrum which helps to act as a guide of the embellishment of the architecture depending on how it interacts with the community.

In our commercial designs we focus on how our buildings interact with the public realm.  The placement of our buildings within the larger context of the community is an important factor in all of our designs.  We are strong supporters of the movement known as New Urbanism, which has been a guiding force on how we view and interact with the city.  The New Urbanism  is a movement which focuses on creating strong pedestrian friendly communities where one can get their daily needs within a five to ten minute walk.


Lastly, we believe in sustainable building and being good stewards of our environment.  We believe that this can be accomplished in a number of methods and design techniques including using passive measures.  These timeless techniques include the wisdom of past generations while also combining the best methods of todays construction.




Jeremy Sommer,


Founding Principal

Two decades of making our built environment more beautiful.


Kristin Sommer

Executive Assistant

Supporting the firm through office management and accounting, is so thankful for calculators!

Portrait - Cropped.jpeg

Natalie Bowback

Architectural Intern

Natalie graduated from Benedictine College in 2021 with a BA in Architecture and started working for Sommer Design Studios in August of the same year. The school’s classical program taught her the ins and outs of traditional architecture and nurtured her love for residential design and urban planning.

Natalie moved to Virginia from her home state of Minnesota, and while she loves the history and culture of the east coast, she’ll always be a Midwest girl at heart. When not at the office, Natalie enjoys drawing, taking walks, and reading mystery novels. While at the office, she enjoys sparring with the CAD software, drinking coffee, and entertaining the office dog.



Office Mate

Encourages nap time and play time in the office, usually with a toy nearby or in his mouth.

Jeremy started Sommer Design Studios, LLC in January of 2009, after receiving his Master of Science in Classical Design from The Georgia Institute of Technology in association with the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America, to focus on traditional architecture and urbanism.  As an Adjunct Professor at Georgia Tech, he has taught both elective and studio courses on traditional and classical design. One of the firm’s first projects was, to join with a team of designers, to enter an international competition for the New Village of Luana Gardens, in Jamaica, which they won.  The firm completed the Hospital House for Norton Commons, in Louisville, KY, which was raffled off to raise money for a local children's hospital.

Mr. Sommer received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami, School of Architecture.   Following graduation, he worked for Eric Watson Architect in Tampa.  Projects of note included residential and civic design for projects in both Seaside and Rosemary Beach in the Panhandle of Florida. While in Tampa he also worked with Cooper, Johnson, Smith Architects, where he focused on both design for residential clients and educational institutions.
In July of 2000, he joined Historical Concepts in Atlanta, where he rose to Senior Associate before returning to receive his Master’s degree.  While with Historical Concepts, he worked on a variety of projects ranging from residential projects in new urbanist communities, such as East Beach, Alys Beach, Watercolor and Watersound.  He also worked on community buildings such as the Chapel at Palmetto Bluff, SC main street buildings in Senoia, GA and the Greeter’s Store at Oldfield, SC.  In addition, Sommer also participated in many of the firms master planning projects ranging from an eight acre infill project in Senoia, GA to a 1600 acre Mountain Golf Community.

Mr. Sommer has been actively involved in the Congress of New Urbanism, since college. He was also was a founding member of the Atlanta Chapter, which was started in 2006.  Jeremy has recently been appointed chair of the educational committee for the Southeast Chapter if the ICAA. He has also lectured on using precedent in design at several Traditional Building Conferences and Expos.

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