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Mixed-Use Commercial

Our commercial and ecclesiastical work evokes the timeless quality of design.  Though it harkins back to other eras and times, it is also of today using the best materials and methods of construction.  We believe that while the initial program for commercial design is very important, that this design also needs to be flexible so that it may be used for many, many years to come.


The goal of our ecclestical work is to help bring the worshipper closer to God.  We believe that beautiful spaces help to lift the spirit into a place where one can see and contemplate God through the beauty around them.  Our goal is to help the congregation develop a design that best fits their needs and goals while creating beautiful spaces for them to worship in.

Mixed-Use Commercial in the TND of East Beach, Norfolk,VA

Main Street Commercial

Main Street Commercial


We specialize in main street commercial buildings, whether they are adding to an existing fabric or for a new town.  Our designs have been for single use or mixed use such as office or apartments over retail.  Our goal is to create buildings that will last generations - buildings that become loved in their community.

Main Street Commercial


Interior Build Outs


We offer interior design for interior build outs that are based on traditional design.  We design elegant solutions for your needs while maximizing efficiency in your organization, store or restaurant.  We can design all your interior spaces and help coordinate the selection of furnishings and systems that help your business suceed.

Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning


We help congregations develop a long term vision of their campus and help to determine the correct priorities and sequence.  We also offer services to help select future properties or locations for future growth.  One of our goals is to help churches understand the benefits of locating in neighborhoods for walkability, shared resources and  facilities.

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