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We offer a wide variety of services when it comes to residential design, from custom homes designed to meet your specific needs and location, to pre-designed homes.  We also offer renovation and additions for your current home for the growing family or just updating the look of your home.  We have experience in many residential types besides just the single family residence including live work units, town homes, and multi-family residence buildings for traditional neighborhood developments.  We enjoy the process of design and working with our clients ideas to bring forth the best solution for a particular site.  We can tailor our services to fit your needs and your budget while providing good, quality design.

Home in the traditional neighborhood development of East Beach, Norfolk, VA


Schematic Design


This is the beginning of the design process, the point where the pencil meets the paper.  Where we as designers take your ideas of your project and mix them in with inspiration to produce a design that is beautiful, functional and long lasting.


Design Development


In this phase of the design process, we take the initial design and start to input it into the computer.  During this time, we push and pull the design making sure that it works from the inside, as well as the outside.  This is where we hone in on the key aspects of the design to make sure it works in the best possible way for our clients.


Construction Documents


This is the final in office phase of the design process where we produce drawings for construction.  Using our knowledge and past experiences we convey to the contractors the most important aspects of the design that is needed for construction while still refining the details to make sure they are perfect.